After you’ve made the choice to invest in high quality virgin hair, take the extra steps to make sure you get the most out of your luxurious locks!

Don’t cut the weft! When installing use the fold over method as much as possible. Reducing the number of cuts to your weft will preserve the life of your hair, reduce shedding and make re-installation easier!

Cleanse and condition regularly! Styling products, pollutants and debris can build up causing a dull, dry look and feel to your hair. Use sulfate free products to cleanse and condition with a hydrating/moisturizing conditioner to bring back the natural luster and free flowing movement.

Protect from over styling! Apply a heat protectant to avoid damaging your beautiful hair with the blow dryer and/or hot tool. Air dry hair when possible! When using hot tools, don’t crank to 450 degrees, the optimal temperature is around 372-375 degrees for curling and straightening. Anything above that amounts to potential damage!!

Enjoy The Most Luxurious Hair In The World!

-The Virgin Mane




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